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Unveiling the World of Phraseme Constructions

CA 22115

Welcome to PhraConRep

A Journey into the Heart of Idiomatic Word Combinations in Middle and Eastern European Languages

Delve into the fascinating world of Phraseme Constructions! PhraConRep is an innovative COST Action project focused on unearthing and understanding Phraseme Constructions (PhraCons) — unique idiomatic word combinations that are integral to  language comprehension and usage.

Our Mission

At PhraConRep, we coordinate comprehensive research on linguistic features, particularly in Middle and Eastern European languages.

We aim to to create an infrastructure for comparative research on PhraCons in Central and Eastern European languages and develop a multilingual repository of PhraCons in the Action languages for researchers, language learners, teachers, and professional translators for further research and practical applications.

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PhraConRep serves a diverse audience – from language learners seeking depth in their studies to educators aiming for innovative teaching methods, and professionals like translators who require nuanced understanding. Explore our tailored resources designed for each group.

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